Medication Policy

The certified school nurse and the student’s parents/guardians are the only ones permitted to administer medication in New Jersey schools.  Medication will be administered to a student during the day only when the student would be otherwise compromised.  The parent/guardian must complete the district’s medication consent form and provide written orders from the private physician.  No over- the-counter medication will be administered without a physician’s written order.  Self administration of medication for certain chronic conditions (i.e. asthma), will be permitted only after district guidelines are completed.

1.      All medication must be brought to the Health Office.

2.      The medication must be in its original, labeled container and brought to school by a parent/guardian

3.      The districts medication authorization form must be completed by the parent/guardian and signed by your doctor and accompany all medication brought to school. This applies to all medications, including over the counter medications ex. Advil, Tylenol, Midol etc.

4.      Students are NOT allowed to self medicate at school with the exceptions of emergency medicines, inhalers and epi-pen, and then only with the written authorization for self administrations provided by the students parents and doctor.

5.      Herbal remedies and nutritional supplements are not consider medications and cannot be given in school.

6.     Parent  consent form for medication can be accessed on this web page under the section "Health Forms".

7.      Please notify the health office when there is a change in your child’s health status which requires medication being added, deleted or changed to your child’s treatment plan. Such changes are important for the school nurse to be aware of for the assessment and care of your child should they become ill at school or display any side effects of their medications